“Good Morning Portugal!”


Day 29: July 27, 2009



View from train window!

View from train window!

Our sleeper train was a pretty good idea to book…the sleeping part on the train didn’t go to well though! The constant station stops it made and consistent wobbling on the tracks made it difficult to sleep deep. Nonetheless, we woke up & headed to our “included breakfast” meal. By 7:30am, we were heading to our beautiful guesthouse in Lisbon, Portugal!


Because check-in wasn’t until 12:00pm, we had some time to kill. We arrived at our guesthouse and found our that we could enjoy our included breakfast (yes, this was our second breakfast of the day…please do not judge…) and also pickup free wireless. So we sat in the adorable lobby and relaxed. As Amy browsed the internet, I slept on the couch beside her! Once she was done with the internet, I was far gone in dream land and so she decided to take a nap too. Right in the middle of this house lobby, I’m sure we were a sight to see! There were people coming in and out of the room, back and forth, I’m sure just thinking, “What are those girls thinking!?” Any tact here? Nah. We were exhausted from that sleeper train ride!


Lisbon Dream Guesthouse, our room!

Lisbon Dream Guesthouse, our room!

Around 11:30ish, one of the workers had to shake Amy to wake us up and let us know our room was ready! Without understanding the atmosphere, I asked, “Where are we?” In which she replied, “Room 6.” Really I wanted to know where in the world I was…literally, what country!


She led us around the corner to room 6 and we opened to find this dreamy room, with slippers and robes waiting for us! We could barely get into our room before going into our second nap; basically we transferred from the lobby couch to our wonderfully cushioned beds. We probably slept until 2:00pm and finally “got ready” for the day. Once we were ready to explore the town, we stopped in the office to get some Lisbon advice. The reception guy first said, “Ah, good morning! You two were so sweet sleeping out there!” Of course Amy and I busted out laughing because we know we were quite a seen, luggage and all!

We explored our side of town and ate at Lisbon’s finest restaurant…(dun-da-da-daaaahh)…Pizza Hut! We probably searched a solid hour for an authentic Portuguese restaurant, but to our dismay, we could only find snack cafes that sold cold, packaged sandwiches and the like.


We love each other!

We love each other!

After enjoying our pizza & salads, we headed to a beautiful park nearby. As soon as we entered into the gates of the park, we picked our bench overlooking a fountain in the middle of a pond with ducks and geese waddling around. We stayed in this same spot for a solid three hours catching up on journaling and taking in the fresh air of Portugal!


One thought on ““Good Morning Portugal!”

  1. Shea, your comment:
    “Where are we?” In which she replied, “Room 6.” Really I wanted to know where in the world I was…literally, what country!

    made me belly laugh! You must rent the movie “If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium” your comment was right out of that movie….very funny.

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