“Discovering Madrid”

Day 28: July 26, 2009

by Amy

Not wasting anytime, here we go day #2 of Spain. 🙂 Today being Sunday, we enjoyed the Prado art museum for free. (We always like this word, “free” 😉 This museum was full of unique artwork whose influence was primarily Catholicism with of course, that artistically defined Spanish touch. After our leisurely tour in the Prado we made our way a few blocks away to El Ritero Park. No siesta, but we did take advantage of some chill time and of course photo opp’s of the beautiful Puerto de Alcala!

DSC05995So, we learned that the symbol of Madrid is that of this statue pictured. The bear, representing “the people” is nourished by the life-giving tree, or “church”. What a powerful symbol for the Spanish to stand on, and a comforting thought to believe that the church could have such an influence.

Speaking of statues, men on horses have specific, unique meanings behind the level of the horses’ hooves. (Shea and I were pretty pumped about discovering this!) They mean the following: both horses hooves in air= man died in battle, one hoof in air, other on ground= man died later of a battle injury, or both hooves on ground= man died a peaceful death of other cause. Interesting….eh?


DSC06224Now it was off to the train station. Bags are stuffed and strapped! Tonight was our very FIRST sleeper train. Somehow we managed to make this 10 hour trip enjoyable! Yes, in that cozy room of ours, we celebrated our journey by washing our feet, climbing on our top bunk, and munching away on Cheetos. (Oh, and we had some fun with our new temporary tattoo too ;))

Needless to say, we did it… (somewhat) slept the night away, feeling like the “Boxcar Children.”


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