“Au Revior, Paris”

Day #25: July 23, 2009

 We planned the day to start out early again, but my sore throat had other plans. I was so exhausted, I slept in until 11:30! (For once, I slept a considerable more amount of time than Amy!)

DSC05827Our day started slow, as we walked around the town of Clarmart. Amy found her famous baget bakery, “Paul,” and was pretty adamant about me taking a picture with her and the baget under her armpit like a true French lady! Not being a huge bread/pastry fan myself, I decided a corner Chinese takeout meal would be great! Let me just say, there is nothing like talking broken French to a Chinese woman who speaks fluent French WITH a Chinese accent! No, nothing like it!

DSC05849Finally, in the late afternoon, Amy and I made our way to Paris again. Our first stop was to see the Notre Dame up close and personal. It was magnificent; the gargoyles, tall temple points, and carved statues…ahh. We then made our way to visit the Sorbonne, a famous school in the Latin corner of Paris. It was particularly special for Amy to visit; her mom had studied at the Sorbonne for three months in her young adult years. 

CIMG1102Our last “must do” in Paris was to go to a place called Angelinias and eat their famous “Afrikan Chocolate” dessert, but when we got there, the doors were locked and lights were off. Amy and I were a bit heartbroken (as you could imagine!) that we couldn’t try this infamous dessert, but I suppose we had our chocolate fill in Brussels!

We headed “home” and then tried to figure out how we were going to get to the airport to make our 7:00am flight…


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