“Buenos Dias, Espana!”

Day 27: July 25, 2009

by Amy

After a morning of deliciously crisp waffles (topped with homemade maple syrup), we were off on a quest of Madrid. (No bull-fights for us, but we were informed of the gruesome details which I will spare!) Entering Madrid, our first stop was the shopping. (Go figure…;) We were reminded of Spain’s fame in steel and gold, viewed their numerous “handy” fans and just about any other tacky object you can inscribe Spain on, ha! (Bracelet…check! Ornament….check!)

DSC06017Now to simply explore, see the famous Puerta de Alcala’, enjoy some Starbucks, and discover their stands of jamon (or ham) which sells for $90.00 a pound! CRAZY!  Our afternoon snack ended up being churros con chocolate. We dipped these sugar-covered pastries into our own, individual saucers of warm chocolate. Talk about a taste of Spain!

CIMG1196My favorite part of the day would have to be the evening of Flamenco dancing.  Shea and I “splurged” a bit on this event, but sooo worth the authentic Spanish culture, not to mention, fun atmosphere! The show began with a few gentlemen singing, clapping, and strumming, and continued with the dance of a few women and one brave man! The rhythm and dress of ALL the dancers were unbelievable.

Fun fact for today: Madrid is putting a bid in for the 2016 Olympics! In other words we witnessed LOTS of construction.


One thought on ““Buenos Dias, Espana!”

  1. PS I LOVE YOU is a favorite movie of mine too 🙂 Have you seen “Becoming Jane” about author Jane Austen and her one and only love? you’ll need kleenex.

    Also; Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightly, amazing!

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