“Bonjour Paris”

Day #23: July 21, 2009


We love the reality of being clean!

We love the reality of being clean!

The day started off wonderfully. Amy and I each enjoyed showers and a slow start to the day. You know those days…the ones where you are just exhausted from the days before and a shower seems to wash all of the stresses away! Ahhh yes, it was one of those mornings!  In fact, morning turned to afternoon and we still hadn’t ventured into the city of Paris. (We were staying in a town called Clarmart, which is about 40 minutes outside of Paris.) We went to the local market and bought food to make a meal. So here we are just straight up living in France! Amy was in charge of the salad, while I was in charge of the pasta & sauce. It may seem a it crazy to anyone that we had Paris at our fingertips and were just moseying around until the evening, but traveling can wear a couple of girls out! CIMG0952Not to mention, cooking a home-cooked meal was a great desire to both Amy and I! So finally around 5pm (I know, early start right!?), Amy and I ventured into the most visited country and city (true fact) of the word: Paris, France. So what happened from here, well isn’t really my story to share. So for a change of things, I turn this blog over to my dearest Amy!


Bonjour! (From today’s special guest and author, Amy!) No worries, Shea did give me permission…;)

What a relaxing day it was. Shea and I “found ourselves” simply borrowing and enjoying our “own” house. Finally, around 5:00 p.m. we decided to venture out and discover THE spectacular city of Paris. We made it no further then our first metro stop when spectacular would be far from describing the situation. A rather perverted man, (prob. in his late 20’s), decided to try and sneak a picture up my skirt!! What a disgusting and violating feeling that overwhelmed both Shea and I. Needless to say, this act caused quite a stir of commotion amidst the ticket area where we were simply trying to “read” the French screen and figure out the best metro package. A furious lady was the one who drew attention to the man who so slyly acted as if he was digging in his bag below. She was livid and full of rage and kicked his hand across the room sending his phone flying. Feeling as though Shea and I had both been extra cautious, this gave us a shocking scare as well as just made us plain angry! Ugh and Ew!

CIMG1059It was hard to reset this mood, which was unfortunately our first impression of Paris; however, we were determined nonetheless to find the Eiffel Tower. Wow, we were now looking at a structure that seemed surreal. It stood just like it does in all the pictures!! Now, off to get in line and climb to the top? Ok…Shea wouldn’t let us climb so we elevated up 😉 While waiting in line we (along with everyone else) were bombarded with desperate men eager to sell their tacky, Eiffel Tower memorabilia. I mean it was ridiculous how “in your face” these “1 euro, 1 euro, 1 euro” tones could be!  Observing their obnoxious attempts to sell brought us some laughs and seemed to distract us from the lengthy line.

Ok, well we made it to the 2nd level after a little over an hour in line! What a view! It seemed as though we were looking down on a postcard as the town enhanced it’s Seine river, lovely bridges, Arc de Triumph…you get the point! (Shea was especially happy having arrived after feeling a bit like a crammed sardine in that elevator.)DSC05662

Sigh, now we were headed “home,” eager to feel safe and comfortable. No a/c, no fan, and now no shower. (There was a leak in the ceiling so the shower was off limits.) You suppose God is teaching us to be flexible? I think so.

Now to sleep tight and start a brand new day. Au revoir all!




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