“Here Comes the Sun…”

DSC05092Day #16: July 14, 2009

DSC05024Cock-a-doodle-doo at 4:45am! Amy and I spent our last morning by waking up before sunrise to head to the Charles Bridge to invite the sun out for the day. The first 30minutes were nice, displaying purples & pinks in the sky, but apparently our invitation wasn’t alluring enough, because the sun then went away and clouds and rain came! We went back to our adorable studio apartment, Amy slept & I blogged. Once the weather cleared up a bit, she and I ventured out one more time before our seven-hour train ride.


 To all of my hippie friends, peace advocates, and any Beatle’s fans, imagine this next site with me: The Lenin Wall. This wall is an array of peace proclamations, and expressions of amity that summon as many mixed emotions as there are colors on the wall. Amy and I left our mark by quoting Romans 15:13 of The Message that says,


Amy signing her name on the Lenin Wall.

“May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!” We grabbed one last gelato and went to the park to sit on a bench that showcased Prague’s loveliness. To the left I saw the Charles Bridge. Across the water stands the Castle. To my right, local painters and musicians attract the tourist for a Czech crown or two. 


And right near my feet below, pigeons entertained me with their constant pecking. The tree above provided protection and the breeze refreshing unsullied air. The hour was endowed with time to journal and contemplate on a quote by a spiritual hero of mine, St. Teresa of Avila. 

So I end with a quote that left me deep in thought: “May your life become one of glad and unending praise to the Lord as you journey through this world, and in the world that is to come!”


2 thoughts on ““Here Comes the Sun…”

  1. Greetings lovely & most gifted niece ! Thank you so much for the beautiful post card with the news of your amazing trip!! Shea, are you not experiencing just a drop of how much joy and beauty there is in our God? Europe has such indescribable beauty that it’s a continuous act of worship isn’t it? Your blog writings are such fun & the photos make me sigh with longing to be there seeing what you see. I’ve had the privilege of seeing some of Spain & Italy that merely served to whet my appetite for so much more. Next year I plan to take a trip there to either Czech Republic, Prague(one of your favorite cities right?), and Budapest. Have had a craving to see both cities as I’ve read and heard such raves. Or, a trip to Switzerland & Austria with a women’s tour group I went with to Italy a few years ago. A really fun tour group. I’d appreciate your input on what could help me decide which one to do?
    I wish I could get your Mom to come with me, she needs to travel more don’t you think? Both your mom and dad work so hard they need to vacation more. I know Mecca would love the all women’s group, everything is so well arranged from the tours to the accommodations, food everything. So, i just wanted to say how great your writings are, you have a gift for expression and creativity like your mom! Wish you all could get out to Ca. for a visit and see us, it would be such fun. I have plenty of room here in Sonoma & of course Ginny would want you to stay with her in the city. Hope we can make it happen… may our Lord continue his protection for all you travels while gifting you & Amy with many ouhhhhhh’s & ahhhhhhh moments 🙂 Hugs, aunt liz

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