“Oh Prague, [deep sigh…] Oh Prague”

Day #15: July 13, 2009


When I told people who’ve already been to Prague that I was going there, every single one of them (both female and male) respond with enthusiasm, “I love it there! It’s so beautiful!”

You know when you want to see a movie and you’re one of the lasts go to see it? You have really high expectations that it is going to be “so great!” or “the best movie you will ever see” and it turns out to fall in expectation, leaving you in disappointment?

Prague was so NOT like that but LEGIT! Prague is absolutely gorgeous. The ornate buildings, unique statues, and cobblestone bridges had Amy and I “oohing” and “ahhing” throughout the entire city.



We started the day walking around the town, crossing the famous Charles Bridge, and strolling around different shops…trying not to stumble on the cobblestone. We headed to the legendary Prague Castle to do an “unguided student tour.” In other words, the cheapest tour possible! That tour had eight stations/buildings to go through. It took a good bit of time just to do one. My favorite building was a convent. Go figure!

We spent the rest of the day touring the Loreto, Church of St. Nicholas, and Astronomical Clock, and doing the dumb tourist things…

like taking pictures with the guard…! Poor guy; has his picture taken all day long by dumb tourist…I can only imagine what he thinks every time a tourist comes beside him and he sees yet another camera pointed in his face!










We ended our evening with dinner on a rooftop terrace at a hotel called, “Prince U.” Enjoying a pasta alfredo/asparagus dish, salad, and cookie ice cream dessert, our table gave us a stunning panoramic view of Prague, as we saw the day faint into night.


One thought on ““Oh Prague, [deep sigh…] Oh Prague”

  1. PPPREEGGOOO again! That is my quirky little daughter I love so much (the guard picture).
    It is beautiful and your writing is awesome.
    Love you. Wish I were with you experiencing that.

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