Day #14: July 12, 2009

Well we didn’t give Munich a fair shot. (I’m sorry, deeply sorry!) Amy and I, being a bit naïve to how long country hopping can actually take, had to leave for Prague around noon.

 Our train ride wasn’t too bad. Second class economy train rides…where to begin?The cabin is usually packed with a bunch of strangers looking at each other (sleeping, reading, staring back at you…) for 6 hours straight. Of course, everyone speaks a different language and awkward moments can strike when accidental “leg brushes” occur; where you then mouth, “Opps, I’m sorry” and give a regretful look…only to remember the language barrier and pray you didn’t seem like you were coming on…

On the positive side, a long train ride can provide some good soul-searching time. Check this quote by Roberta Bondi.


“Part of our job is simply to be…Part of our job is to expect that, if we are attentive and willing, God will ‘give us prayer,’ will give us the things we need, ‘our daily bread,’ to heal and grow in love.”

Our society in the States is intense. We are always on the go, producing, and getting to the next thing…the next appointment…the next assignment. This mentality has influenced our attitude, thoughts, and actions towards God. If we are in such a demand to produce to feel valuable, we often convey the same approach in our relationship with God.

I love that quote…part of our job is simply to be. Let that sink in for a minute…At least for one minute, all you have to do, despite pressures from work, family, even yourself…is to be.

Rainer Maria Rilike says, “There is only one journey. Going inside yourself.”

DSC04940I am blessed beyond measure to have such an opportunity to go on this particular “Walkabout.” But despite the amazing sights I’ve seen, new recipes I’ve tried…I am learning and discovering new things about myself. Truthfully, that is not because I’m on a backpacking adventure for 5 weeks, but because of the time I have to sit, reflect, and let my mind wander. When I return to “everyday life,” I must make “simply being” apart of my daily life. If I don’t, I risk the chance of losing myself…Losing my understanding of who I am, who God’s created me to be…and even what He is calling me to do. No wonder why we have such an identity crisis; we forget to simply be. We forget to trust, and leave absolutely no room for healing. How else do we expect to grow in love if we only tiptoe around the brim our discoveries, frustrations, curiosities, doubts, and delights?


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