“Sabbath in Switzerland”

Day #12: July 10, 2009

“You have to allow a certain amount of time in which you are doing nothing in order to have things occur to you, to let your mind think.”
-Mortimer J. Alder

This quote was a theme for our next stop in St. Imier, Switzerland. Once we arrived, we met our second host home, the Audersets, and settled right in. The night was filled with dinner, internet, and rest.

DSC04733We woke up the next morning at 11:30am! Trust me, it was much needed rest! We met up with this young woman (age 24) named Celine and she took us on top of a mountain that overlooks different towns, a plain, and in the distance, the Swiss Alps! When we got to the top of the DSC04717mountain, we were freezing! It was 10 degrees! Ok Celsius…but 50 degrees fairenheight, plus the wind was blowing! Burrrrr! I kept thinking, “It is JULY!” Celine told us that it was their warmest month…yikes.


Anyways, the view was pretty spectacular. Not to mention the gorgeous wildflowers sprouting on the hillside. Speaking of the hillside…I definitely felt the need to roll down part of the mountain. So much fun ☺. It’s a good thing I didn’t roll into any cow or donkey dung- those animals were everywhere!DSC04760

After Celine took us “home,” Amy and I set out on the town. The town was SO small, we seriously could from one end to another in 20 minutes. No lie! Despite it’s size, it surly was cute! All of those “storybook villages” I mentioned earlier, we were actually in one!

The rest of the day was like a Sabbath to Amy and I. We rested, caught up with our families, and got some of the lose ends of our planning done.


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