“On the Rail Again!”

Day #13: July 11, 2009

After saying goodbye to the Auderset family, we left the picturesque country of Switzerland and headed to Germany. The train was a long one, but good for catching up on journaling, and well, sleeping for Amy!

While we were onDSC04781 our train ride, this elderly woman sat diagonal from me. She was at least in her late 70’s, maybe early 80’s. At first glace, I didn’t give much thought to her. After an hour or so (staring intently at the people around on the train!) I started to notice her. Isn’t that crazy how we can acknowledge the many people around us but never really become aware of them? Anyway, I started to question what this woman had been through. Her wrinkles were deep and I couldn’t help but get lost in the causes of them. What had this woman experienced? Was she born and raised in Germany? What were her thoughts, emotions, and fears when Hitler ruled? When I looked at her, I saw beauty; I saw beauty of life…of experience, challenges, joys, and oppression. I don’t know her, but her life was made known to me today.

All I know is that I’ve never looked at an elderly person with so much curiosity, respect, and even hope. Will I be so fortunate to live a long full of adventure, faith, and experiences? Will my face reflect the God-filled, purposefully life I’ve lived? What a contrast to the thinking I’ve been guilty to; to actually desire deep wrinkes in the future?!

After our train and finding the hotel, DSC04798Amy and I settled into our room and took showers. (Oh by the way…did I mention that the entire two days in St. Imier, we didn’t have warm water? Ok, so that means…no showers. I know- you’re grossed out that Amy and I went about 3 days without showers…) But once we were clean, we headed to a local restaurant and relaxed. I ordered a “Munich Burger” that was grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, and garlic mayonnaise. And of course, being in Germany…I ordered my first German beer! It was a Hessel, which is a light beer.


Amy ordered a chicken cordon-blue with fries and we topped of the evening with a banana split and apple/vanilla strudel!

Though we didn’t get to do much in Munich, we at least got to eat a good meal : ).


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