“The Journey Continues…”

Day #11: July 9, 2009

DSC04699I cannot describe the beauty outside the train window I see right now. I’m currently winding through the Swiss Alps and cannot get over the gorgeous beauty one country holds. These snow capped mountains towering over sparkling lakes…plush green mountains that nestle houses and churches on the hillside…

Jane E. Leesen says, “Around me when I look, His handiwork I see;

This world is like a picture book to teach His love to me.”



So far, Santorini is my favorite view for ocean/hillside life, Cinque Terre is wonderful for its charming and “unreal” feeling that instills in my heart, and Switzerland is by far the prettiest country from end to end. I feel Switzerland is from a storybook fairy tale! I truly get giddy like a schoolgirl when I take a long peak through the window!

 Well this morning was fun. Ester and Jes took us out to the market of Locarno and then to grab some pizza with Mauro. (They were set on Amy and I trying some decent Italian pizza! Oh- the part of Switzerland Locarno rests in is Italian.)

 And so that brings me to this wonderful train ride. I could have stayed in Locarno for at least another week! The Pura family was wonderful to Amy and I…oh how they blessed us. Not just by their hospitality, but by their faith and strong commitment to obeying the Lord.  Esther is truly a women of prayer, Mauro is a man who is dedicated to witness the goodness and faithfulness of God to anyone who has ears, and Jes is a young women who is dedicated to following the will of God no matter what. DSC04685Though I didn’t talk to Sam much, I know the Lord has a grip on him too. And finally, Tom. I only saw him once (the night he picked us up from the train station), but I can tell his testimony of God’s love, grace, and mercy impacts many. (There is another Pura, Livio, but he is in Australia doing discipleship training.) Oh, and how dare I forget to mention Benji, the family dog! The first few minutes Benji was around us, we instantly fell in love with him!!!

 The Pura family is truly a light in a land that oppression of intellectualism, materialism, and self-sufficiency permeates through the culture. I am so encouraged by the witness of their lives, I pray that God blesses them greatly for their devotion to living a Christ-reflected life.  I miss them already…I pray our paths cross again in the near future!

 I close this blog with Romans 1:20 from the NIV, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities- His eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen.”



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