“Ciao Cinque Terre, here we come Switzerland!”

Day #9: July 7, 2009

We woke up early to figure out our room key situation and finally met up with the landlord around 8:30. He told us that his cell phone battery had died. Hmmm…

Anyway, we packed up our stuff and got the chance to do some emaling. Amy’s parents left for Florence, and we stayed back a few hours before our train. Instead of heading to Venice, we decided to go straight to Locarno, Switzerland. We cut Venice because it would be a 9-hour train ride from Cinque Terre to Venice, and then a 9+ hour train to Switzerland! We wouldn’t have minded if were going to be in Venice longer, but we only planned one night there. So not worth it!

DSC04471To sum up Cinque Terre in one word getting there, being there, and even our last night there: unreal. The horrible (no AC) train ride there was unreal. The town was so picturesque and charming, it was unreal. The last night staying with two random (sweet) women, unreal!

Boarding our next train to Milan (train #666…hahaha you know Amy and I were wondering if that would be another adventure…), we journeyed the evening to Switzerland. Thankfully, the train ride was refreshing as we had our own private cabin complete with AC and great window views of the countryside of Italy; I’m talking wild sunflowers, secluded towns…oh my eyes are not used to so much art.


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