“Blessed by the Pura’s”

Day #10: July 8, 2009

Well we arrived at the Pura household late last night and met Tom and his sister, Jes. Tom was so hospitable and gave up his own room so Amy and I could have our own. We basically fell into bed due to exhaustion and woke up refreshed the next morning. After getting to know Jes a bit in the morning, her mom Ester came home and gave Amy and I a wonderful taste of Locarno, Switzerland.

DSC04702She first took us to “Valle Verzasca” where a Roman bridge still stands, incredible rocks below, with clear green-blue water that runs under the bridge and through the rocks. Amy and I thought we were in the fairy tale story of “Snow White.”

After, we went to a dam in Locarno where a scene from James Bond’s 007 “Golden Eye” was shot. That was pretty cool! There was a chance to go bungee jumping and Amy and I both agreed that backpacking through Europe was adventurous enough for now!

Story: “Hospital?”


When we were doing a bit of sight-seeing, Amy goes, “Hey Jes, so is that a hospital over there?” (Basing this off of a red flag with a white cross that waved in the flowing breeze). She deferentially replied, “Well, actually that is the Swiss Flag…” Insert hand to mouth, and blushing with humiliation upon Amy’s face…!

[Amy may kill me for putting this story in, but at least she isn’t afraid to ask ignorant tourist questions! J.]

We headed back to the Pura’s and got to meet Marrow (the father) and Sam, Jes’ brother. We ate a wonderful dinner filled with different meats, cheese (Amy loved that!) and fresh salad with a homemade dressing that was delicious. After dinner, we headed to Asconta for gelato to look over the lake (Lago Maggiore) where we could actually see Italy! We walked around the downtown area and ended at a night club

DSC04661where we tried a fruity wine called Moscato (Jes’ favorite!). We had such a great time hanging with these two wonderful women of God and simply enjoying the fellowship, stories, and hearing about the Swiss life. After our first “nightlife” experience in this country, Amy and I were beat.

Oh how we loved Locarno! The pure water, crisp air, and unbelievable scenery stole our hearts! Ciao for now!DSC04608


2 thoughts on ““Blessed by the Pura’s”

  1. Shea, I never got to say “Have a nice trip”. By your blog I see your having a wonderful trip. I’m so jealous. Lori’s showing more every day. Love, Mah Donati

  2. Amy, I must say the flag story made me laugh the hardest! Thanks for a great moment… I’m sure it happens to more American’s than you think…

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