When in Rome…

Day 6: July 4, 2009

Our day started at 5:30am to catch our 7:00am flight to Athens, then to connect to our 9:45am flight to Rome. I suppose this trip is teaching Amy and I how to be VERY flexible! Our flight to Rome was delayed and we didn’t get to our…”place” in Rome until 4pm. We were hot, sweaty, and tired of the MANY trains, metros, and buses it took to get to our… “place.” So as we approached the reception desk to our… “place,” I was starting to question Amy of this…”place.” The official title, “PLUS Camping Roma.” DSC04382We start to wonder if we are really going camping. We check in and he gives us our key to our #7…”room.”

CIMG0599Heading to the room, we realize that we are in these shed/trailer looking bungalows. We see #6 and think, “Oh we are next one over.” Oh…if only that were true. #7 was the same as #6, just on the other side! At this time, Amy and I are CRACKING UP thinking, “What in the world?!” We proceed to open our door and find the…”room” to be a 9×5 foot “room” with a bunk bed on one side and a twin on the other. The bathroom is in the back, somewhat. By this time, we are in tears laughing so hard!

You see, this was Amy’s first booking of places. I asked her, “Amy, what were you thinking! Camping?!” She replied, “Shea, I thought it was just a cute name! The pictures were different!!!” So I respond, “Cute? Amy, seriously?! When I say camping, the first adjective that comes to mind is cute!?” Not to mention, we found out that the “PLUS” in “PLUS Camping Roma” means “People Like US!” Hahahaha! Ahh from there on out, her name is no longer simply “Amy,” but now “Bungalow Amy.”

Wanting to get away from our bungalow ASAP, we headed to the Coliseum & Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the Vatican because of our delayed flight earlier (Vatican closes at 6pm).


After getting on the metro, we grabbed some pizza & ate it in front of the Coliseum. The pizza was so-so but we were desperate for food! After taking the typical pictures of the Coliseum, we made our way to Trevi Fountain to take pics & toss our coins to make our wishes.

We topped off touring with gelato by the fountain.

Back to our dreaded box…I mean bungalow. Getting back by 8:30ish we were more than ready to take showers. Did we have towels? Of course not. Thankfully there was an extra set of sheets from the extra bed in the room. So that night we dried off with sheets!


Do you see what Amy did to me?

Ahh, ok so now time for bed…and we are trying to get this whole AC figured out. Why is there just a fan? Oh that’s right, there was no AC! By this time, I am really questioning my friendship with Amy. I thought she loved me! We turn the fan on and realize it is a self-timed fan and turns completely off every hour and a half. So ALL through the night, Amy had to keep pushing the button (every 1.5 hours!) to keep the fan going! There was one point at 3:45am where she and I were both up because the fan had turned off. We started cracking up all over again because of how ridiculous the situation was.


3 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. OOOOOKKKKKKKKK………..the price you pay for
    all that fun!!!!! Hope the rest of the trip serves you better girls. At least there were not any wild bugs, snakes or frogs to deal with!

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