The Journey Starts Here!

Well, it’s official! Today is the day! That’s right, EUROPE trip STARTS, NOW!

I’m about to leave for the airport, and well truthfully, I have absolutely no time to be writing this. Ah, oh well!DSC03979

Last night/this morning was CRAZY. I stayed up until 3am, work up at 8am. Tired. Good thing I have 24 hours of travel ahead of me…good thing I packed (ok Janna) packed vitamins!

I’ve done just about everything, with the exception of get powder (swamp?), pack up my important documents, get checks cashed, and get to my parents work.

My flight takes of 2ish and I land in Washington D.C. around 3. I leave for Greece around 5pm. After hours and hours of travel, we will have a connection in Denmark and then finally go to Greece. I will be in Athens by 2:35pm on Tuesday! Wahoooo!




Well, I’m so pumped! I can’t believe it’s here. I got my wedding ring on (oh, you didn’t know I got married?! 😉 JK…it’s to scare off any European men who want  to holler. I’m just going to say I’m married and my husband is right around the corner!) Also, I have my whistle. (Kelsi, not what you’re thinking : )!!!) I have a whistle incase someone tries to take me. I know, paranoid. But hey, everyone keeps telling me to see “Taken”, in which I refuse, so I’m not paranoid- just cautious!


Ok, I definitely have to go. If there are spelling mistakes, forgive me… just no time to double check.

Love you all! Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful walkabout!


4 thoughts on “The Journey Starts Here!

  1. Shea! I am pumped for you gals. I pray Lord will keep you safe and that you will fall in love with Europe. Also that you will run into people that will have you back any time. Stay safe and tell them your husband is fresh out of jail for murdering the last guy that hit on you! LOL Give Ames some love for me too. Have fun!

  2. Hello there my love,
    You were correct, I love the definition of walkabout, I love your blog but I still love you more! I really hope you are enjoying yourself right now even as I type this. I cannot wait to hear all your stories, and I cannot wait to be able to see you when I come visit you up in NC. I miss you so much and when you do get back we have to force ourselves to stop and make a phone date happen on a regular basis because its not ok that we haven’t been able to talk nearly as much as we need to! I love you and I’m praying for you like crazy!!! peace soul sister!

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