The Process

I leave for Europe in less than one week now! Things I must get done before…eh about 3 weeks worth of things. I mean things like booking places to stay at night! Making sure I have all contacts contacted to remind them I am coming!

Or things like get an international phone. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Call Verizon corporate, go to a local branch, call Verizon again.

Then I have things to do like find my Passport. Is it in the same spot I put it 5 months ago when I went to Israel? I probably better check on that, soon!

It can be a pretty stressful with all of life’s to-do lists. In fact, it can even steal the excitement of what’s to come. I suppose the whole purpose of a walkabout isn’t just getting to the destination, but the adventures and process along the way.

So whatever is on your plate today, enjoy the process. Life is too precious to just “get through it.”